[openstack-dev] [ceilometer] weekly meeting - CloudWatch functionality

Angus Salkeld asalkeld at redhat.com
Wed Aug 8 05:09:53 UTC 2012

Hi ceilometer team,

I can't make the meeting (it's 2am for me). But thought I could
put some ideas down in email.

At the moment Heat has some CloudWatch'like functionality to achieve
it's HA and autoscaling.
I think this should be in ceilometer, not necessary the AWS api but
something roughly equivalent.

What can you do with the CloudWatch api?
- enable/disable what ever metrics are available on your resources
   (minimum of 60 sec sample periods)
- retrieve them (for up to 7 days after they were generated)
- create/delete alarms based on your metrics (like alarm if metricX > 50)
- view alarm history
- generate data for custom metrics (by posting to the rest api)
- change the state of the alarm manually (for debugging)
- send alarms to either a autoscaling or messaging queue.

What can you achieve with CloudWatch?
- autoscaling: alarm on high/low cpu/disk/mem/<whatever> and trigger
   new instances to be created/destroyed/resized.
- service monitoring and HA: send data to custom metrics about service
   health (httpd/mysqld/...) and act on it automatically.
- extensible (by the end user) statistics gathering. So using the custom
   metrics simply monitor something special on your instance.
- Be quickly alerted of important events on your instances
   (via the messaging queue) - we haven't done anything with this in Heat.
- diagnostics: I think statistics is an important part of diagnostics both
   to the user and administrator.

Why put it in ceilometer?
- expertise: put code of a common topic in one place where experts
   in that area can congregate (ceilometer == all things statistics)
- code reuse: I think there is a large common ground here
   (make use of the pollsters to get metering and general statistics).

Some potential issues:
- increased volume of gathered statistics data (1 hourly -> 60 sec).
[any more ...]  

I could do a talk about it at summit if need be, but it's worth
throwing ideas about it now I think.

Note: Steven Dake will be at the ceilometer meeting to anwser any
questions about Heat or CloudWatch.


Not sure if rackspace is going to (or has) opensource it's monitoring solution? Anyone?

Angus Salkeld

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