[openstack-announce] [Swift] Swift 2.2.2 released today

John Dickinson me at not.mn
Mon Feb 2 17:38:41 UTC 2015


I'm happy to announce that today we have release Swift 2.2.2. (Yes, that's
2.2.2 on 2/2.) This release has a few very important features that came
directly from production clusters. I recommend that you upgrade so you can
take advantage of the new goodness.

As always, you can upgrade to this version of Swift with zero end-user

So what's so great in this release? Below are some highlights, but please
read the full changelog at

* Data placement changes

  This release has several major changes to data placement in Swift in
  order to better handle different deployment patterns. First, with an
  unbalance-able ring, less partitions will move if the movement doesn't
  result in any better dispersion across failure domains. Also, empty
  (partition weight of zero) devices will no longer keep partitions after
  rebalancing when there is an unbalance-able ring.

  Second, the notion of "overload" has been added to Swift's rings. This
  allows devices to take some extra partitions (more than would normally
  be allowed by the device weight) so that smaller and unbalanced clusters
  will have less data movement between servers, zones, or regions if there
  is a failure in the cluster.

  Finally, rings have a new metric called "dispersion". This is the
  percentage of partitions in the ring that have too many replicas in a
  particular failure domain. For example, if you have three servers in a
  cluster but two replicas for a partition get placed onto the same
  server, that partition will count towards the dispersion metric. A
  lower value is better, and the value can be used to find the proper
  value for "overload".

  The overload and dispersion metrics have been exposed in the
  swift-ring-build CLI tools.

  See http://swift.openstack.org/overview_ring.html
  for more info on how data placement works now.

* Improve container replication for large, out-of-date containers

* Added console logging to swift-drive-audit

* Changed retaliating to support whitelisting and blacklisting based on
  account metadata (sysmeta). Note that the existing config options continue
  to work.

This release is the combined work of 20 developers, including 3 first-time
Swift contributors:

* Harshit Chitalia
* Dhriti Shikhar
* Nicolas Trangez

Thank you to everyone who contributed: developers, support staff, and
operators alike--all of whom helped find and diagnose the problems solved in
this release.


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