[openstack-announce] [OSSA 2014-018] Keystone privilege escalation through trust chained delegation (CVE-2014-3476)

Tristan Cacqueray tristan.cacqueray at enovance.com
Thu Jun 12 19:06:17 UTC 2014

OpenStack Security Advisory: 2014-018
CVE: CVE-2014-3476
Date: June 12, 2014
Title: Keystone privilege escalation through trust chained delegation
Reporter: Steven Hardy (Red Hat)
Products: Keystone
Versions: up to 2013.2.3, and 2014.1 to 2014.1.1

Steven Hardy from Red Hat reported a vulnerability in Keystone chained
delegation. By creating a delegation from a trust or OAuth token, a
trustee may abuse the identity impersonation against keystone and
circumvent the enforced scope, resulting in potential elevated
privileges to any of the trustor's projects and or roles. All Keystone
deployments configured to enable trusts are affected, which has been the
default since Grizzly.

Juno (development branch) fix:

Icehouse fix:

Havana fix:

This fix will be included in the Juno-2 development milestone and in
future 2013.2.4 and 2014.1.2 releases.


Tristan Cacqueray
OpenStack Vulnerability Management Team

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