[openstack-announce] python-swiftclient releases

John Dickinson me at not.mn
Fri Feb 14 19:20:35 UTC 2014

I'm pleased to announce a couple of big releases for python-swiftclient:
versions 1.9.0 and 2.0.2. You can find them both on PyPI:


So why the two releases? The 2.0.2 release is the result of migrating to
the Python requests library. The 1.9.0 release is the final release of
the 1.X series and includes all unreleased changes before the port to
requests. Below is a summary of the changes included in 1.9.0 and 2.0.2.

1.9.0 new features:

* Add parameter --object-name, which:
    1) Sets target object name when upload single file
    2) Sets object prefix when upload a directory

* Add capabilities command
    This option uses the new /info endpoint to request the
    remote capabilities and nicely display it.

* Allow custom headers when using swift download (CLI)
    A repeatable option, --header or -H, is added so a user can specify
    custom headers such as Range or If-Modified-Since when downloading
    an object with the swift CLI.

2.0.2 new features and important info:

* Ported to use the "requests" library to support TLS/SSL certificate
  validation. The certificate validation changes the interpretation
  and usage of the "--insecure" option.

Usage of the requests library has two important caveats:

    1) SSL compression is no longer settable with the
    "--no-ssl-compression" option. The option is preserved as a
    no-op for client compatibility. SSL compression is set by the
    system SSL library.

    2) The requests library does not currently support Expect
    100-continue requests on upload. Users requiring this feature
    should use python-swiftclient 1.9.0 until requests support this
    feature or use a different API wrapper.

Please pay special attention to these changes. There are no plans to
maintain ongoing development on the 1.X series. All future work,
including support for Python 3, will happen in the 2.X series.

I'd also like to explicitly thank the eNovance development team,
especially Tristan Cacqueray, Christian Schwede, and Chmouel Boudjnah,
for their work in these releases. In addition to several smaller
features, they led the effort to port python-swiftclient to the
requests library.

Note: 2.0.2 and not simply 2.0 is because of a bug that was
discovered after 2.0 was tagged. See
for details.

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