[openstack-community] Proposal: remove voting on speaking proposals for Barcelona Summit

Sun, Yih Leong yih.leong.sun at intel.com
Wed May 18 16:59:51 UTC 2016

We do look at the voting popularity but I agree that this is not used as a major factor in our decision due to the "data noise".

Should we consider setting a rule for voting?
For example, people from the same company is not eligible to vote for the sessions which are "solely presented" by their company (i.e. All presenter from the same company). However, he/she is eligible to vote for that session if that session is a joint-presentation between different companies.

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On 05/18/2016 06:12 PM, Chris Jones wrote:
> I don't know if the voice of somebody very new to the OpenStack 
> community has any value, but as somebody who is indeed new I wanted to 
> put in my support for the ending of voting for speaking sessions. The 
> amount of sheer spam I see for the couple days or a week (honestly not
> sure) asking people to vote for this session or that session is 
> frustrating. I've had to mute or unfollow a number of social media 
> accounts in the past because of the bombardment.
> I don't know what the better way is, but there's got to be one.

I have been arguing in favor of one that would completely eliminate what you're rightfully complaining about.


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