[openstack-community] Proposal to Remove Community Voting from the OpenStack Summit Session Selection Process

Gary Kevorkian (gkevorki) gkevorki at cisco.com
Wed May 18 16:42:14 UTC 2016

As a community member and former track chair, I see pluses and minuses to this proposal.

To be honest, I can't say I'd be in favor of completely removing the voting by community members. That being said, I do think the session selection process could use an overhaul.

I made this suggestion once before but it didn't get much traction so I'll give it another shot...

Instead of exposing the community to, using the ATX summit as an example, 1,300 talks for open voting, what if the track chairs did a first pass on sifting through the talks in their respective tracks to remove the wheat from the chaff, so to speak? Then, take that shortened list of talks to open voting. You could reduce the amount of time open for voting since there would be fewer sessions for community members to review.

Right now the pre-voting review by the track chairs is just to move talks to other tracks if it's believed it belongs somewhere else. There's no dropping talks at that point.

Just a suggestion.

As a track chair, I did find the voting results somewhat helpful in making my final track choices.

In the long run, my gut tells me that the community doesn't want the Summit agenda set by just a few people. They'll want to have a voice. But there may be a better way to achieve that result.

My $.02.


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