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Co, Dean Marc dmc at dungeoninnovations.com
Mon May 16 15:54:24 UTC 2016

Good morning. Good afternoon. Good evening. :)

Of course, this should be continued. This is probably the very few chances
that grassroots interactions still happen with OpenStack community, as it
stands now.

In our part of the world (I coordinate for PH and attend ASEAN/APAC events
whenever I can), adoption momentum and awareness is very, very difficult to
build. Maturity of market is probably one aspect. Resources is another.

1) Those who can support directly are vendors (appliances / etc) that cater
to mostly a handful of capable enterprises some of whom are still
struggling with Diablo/Essex/Folsom due to 'certified' infra hw as provided
by some vendors;

2) With other behemoths throwing money and attention and people on a more
regular basis, this 1x a year is surely the most minimal that OpenStack
community can have globally.

E.g. monthly or bi-monthly lunch&learn by AWS happens in hotels attended by
80-120 people. Not trying to compete, but surely can't just let them have
all the attention.

3) Success stories always begins with the innovators, then other adopter
levels come in. Bridging the chasm in our region needs way more support.
Chick'n-Egg, as always. No Market, No Major Support. No Major Support, No

In short, go go go. But smarter, less rigid, more supportive, more support
(although cash helps a lot, ship official materials (not just swags but
probably reference materials, I know --- internet --- but the best people
who can trigger faster awareness still reads them books =D) we can
distribute not just on parties but regularly in other related
events/workshops (python, API integration, Hybrid Cloud events, etc) ...

I went to a recent cloud expo in Asia. I was the only one speaking of
OpenStack directly in a sea of talk about containers and AWS and hybrid and
abstracted OpenStack service providers and etc etc etc... Not one word of
OpenStack... Suddenly missed attending OpenStack summits then...

Dean Marc
On mobile >>>

On Mon, May 16, 2016 at 11:05 PM, Kendall Waters <kendall at openstack.org>

> Hi everyone,
> For the past few years, the Foundation has contributed funding & graphics
> for "birthday parties" organized by official user groups around the world.
> It's something we have celebrated each year in July, and in 2015 we hit a
> pretty big milestone with the 5th birthday. We typically create and
> distribute graphics and a presentation, help promote the events and give
> qualifying groups $500 USD to supplement costs for food / space / etc.
> Since we passed the 5-year milestone, we wanted to start a discussion with
> user group leaders and the community to see how much value you find in the
> birthday parties. Are they an important tradition for your local community
> members, or should we redirect funding and efforts to other user group
> activities, such as sponsoring speaker travel?
> We would love your feedback - are the OpenStack birthdays something that
> you would like the Foundation to continue supporting?
> Cheers,
> Kendall
> PS - User group leaders should also have received communication from your
> local Ambassador directly about the availability of funding for special
> activities. If you haven't seen that yet, contact your Ambassador:
> https://groups.openstack.org/ambassador-program
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