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Hey Rich,

Unfortunately, after hours sessions are not an option for us in Paris. We have set hours that we can make use of the space each day, which incur venue, staffing and security costs. In other venues like Atlanta, we have a bit more flexibility, but there is typically some kind of cost (even just to keep the lights on).

For Paris, we have some space available for these types of sessions during the day Wednesday, but we would need to set some criteria to help vet the sessions and topics, and then put out a call for submissions. Quite a few industry events have BoFs, but our event is unique in that we have a lot of community-driven, parallel content happening across five days, including the Design Summit, Ops Summit, working group sessions, open source ecosystem project sessions, vBrownBag sessions, etc. Some of the topics you mentioned may already be covered or may be a better fit in those different tracks (just for example), so we need some guidance on which BoF sessions to accept, reject, etc.

We’ll look into our options for evening events at future Summit venues, but in the meantime, I would welcome some feedback on the guidelines and criteria for BoF sessions. Obviously, we need to pull this together quickly if we want to make it happen in November :)


If helpful, this is example criteria we used for the open source ecosystem project sessions:

*The project needs to be directly related to OpenStack in some way.
It must be open source, with code freely available and actively developed.
The session must be non-commercial and vendor neutral, although a vendor that sponsors a project can organize and moderate the meeting.
Sessions must be open to anyone who is interested in contributing to the project. It’s primarily a venue for core developers to meet and plan, but also a place for new developers and those interested in the project to get more information.

On Oct 21, 2014, at 1:33 PM, Rich Bowen <rbowen at redhat.com> wrote:

> On 10/09/2014 04:25 PM, Rich Bowen wrote:
>> On 10/09/2014 04:08 PM, Lauren Sell wrote:
>>> Hey Everett,
>>> It’s a good question. We do not currently have a formal process to schedule BoFs at the Summits. We started receiving a few requests for Paris (Rich’s is the 3rd we’ve received), so it’s something we should probably think about and plan for at future Summits.
>>> Any feedback or ideas on how we should manage the process in the future? Our main constraints are space and not wanting to overload an already heavy agenda, but we could most likely set aside a limited number of rooms / timeslots to devote to BoFs in the future. We would also need to set some parameters on the format / content.
>> A few thoughts ...
>> I know there's always lots of evening events, but putting BoFs in the evening hours is a good way to use space that's vacant at that time anyway, and not overwhelm the daytime schedule. Since BOFs are traditionally low-tech, no-tech (ie no projector, sound system, etc) they can happen in a room with no assistance and, at most, a whiteboard or paper flip board thing. Or even in a space like the dining area at the summit in Atlanta, which would also be vacant in after-hours. 
> Hi, Lauren,
> I'm still getting a number of responses about this off-list, and am wondering if this is something that we could still make happen at this late date. A room with the lights on is really the minimum requirement for this kind of a meetup - we don't need mics or projectors or ... really, anything.
> Based on conversations I've had so far, there's a desire for BoFs about packaging for various platforms, NFV, management tools for hybrid cloud environments, and some other vague mentions that they'd like to do something similar in an evening.
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